The Sobering Question: will your insurance pay out for drunk driving?

An accident is one thing. An accident coupled with driving under the influence is another. There is currently fair debate on whether you should be covered for both car and personal damage under these circumstances. Some insurers see it as recompense for breaking the law – not to mention harming other innocent people – and therefore insurance should be excluded under these circumstances.

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Rating Agencies

What they are and why they are important “There are two things you will never be without: one is your reputation and the other is your credit rating.” ~ Larry Winget A credit rating is an analysis of the general creditworthiness of countries, companies and individuals – in other words, their ability to pay back their debts. International credit rating agencies are not new. They’ve been decades in the making…

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Insurance Updates: staying ahead of the curve

In today’s modern world, protecting everything from your health to your house, your car to your watch, means carrying insurance. It is so much part of our lives that nobody questions that it must be so. However, just setting up your insurance needs across a variety of valuable areas is not enough. From the moment you have read the small print and signed those papers, you will need to make…

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Dying Younger: Death, Disability and Dread Disease

When we’re young we are motivated by life and opportunities. We are planning ahead for careers, perhaps family and other exciting things like travel and adventure. We’re not thinking about dying. In fact, we’re rarely even thinking about growing older or having safety measures in place for old age.

But no matter your age, you should have measures in place as soon as you can to counter the unexpected that can swoop out of life and turn your plans upside-down. Dying isn’t the prerogative of the elderly – it’s part of your life from the moment you are born. And you don’t need to wait until you have children to consider the implications of your possible death or disablement due to accident or disease, you should put that concern as number one the moment you start earning money. By the time you marry and have children, you should already be well on your way to building a sound financial base for any eventuality.

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Tax Season

Tax time: Tips, treasures and revolting returns

As the end of February looms, everybody prepares to assess their year’s earnings and submit income tax returns – and every year it may seem more onerous. But there are a number of ways to simplify, clarify and even rectify some quirks and errors that may leach out from the pages of previous returns.

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