How to Survive Being Human

Life isn’t easy. Or if it was, a number of businesses would go bust. Imagine living without a locksmith (worse than losing your dentist). Or a good car mechanic (those brakes can be fatal). Or your cell phone to tell you what the weather’s doing so you don’t have to look out the window. Or the plumber who knows enough about your nervous system to charge you more than your doctor.

If you think about it, there is a huge amount of activity out there (for which you pay) that exists purely to keep you more organised, smarter than you think, and safe. Not to mention the insurance industry which exists to cover what you can’t foresee or control, and to mop up what you may inadvertently let slip from time to time.

No, life isn’t easy. But there are grand moments in the general vigilance when we can actually have fun. Just be careful, okay? Don’t be one of the few million that have to visit emergency rooms every year – or who don’t actually make it past the door. Sometimes doing all the right things just isn’t enough, and life works against us. And then – then there are those who tempt fate, neglect care, or just stop thinking.

  • Two young men thought it would be okay to take a selfie with a wild elephant. Interestingly enough, the elephant covered their bodies with branches.
  • A young student ignored warnings, and climbed a fence to test the temperature of an acid hot springs pool. Not even his bones were found.
  • A man invented a gun disguised as a pen, and to prove to his scoffing friends that it worked, shot himself through the head.

And so on. We know life is mostly about checking things, fixing things and cleaning things – so, just to keep you on your toes, here are some safety tips for life in general to keep you edified and alert when you need to keep your wits about you.

Safety in the home

  • Give young children your full and undivided attention when they are in and around a swimming pool.
  • Develop and practice a home fire escape plan, with two ways out of the house in case of a fire. You should have quick access to at least two home fire extinguishers.
  • Keep all medicine up and away and out of sight of young children, even medicine you take every day. Keep all medicines clearly labeled.
  • Store all household cleaners and other toxic products out of children’s sight and reach.
  • Make sure you install good security around your home: strong burglar bars, security gates, garden beams, inside alarms, etc. Cameras on the perimeters and electric fences are also aspects you should consider.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers and keep them to hand.

Safety on vacation

  • Make sure all medication is obtainable where you are travelling should you have to replace any chronic prescriptions – such as those for diabetes. Wear a Medic-Alert bracelet if you have any life-threatening allergies. Check your policy to make sure your medical expenses abroad will be covered.
  • Take photocopies of your passports, credit cards and other ID. Leave one copy with a relative at home, and keep another copy separate from your originals.
  • Travel with at least two credit cards. And keep them in separate places.
  • Use luggage tags with your office address instead of your home address.
  • Make sure your children know their home address and telephone number.
  • Give a family member or friend your travel itinerary and the contact information for your hotel.

Safety on the road

  • Always have your driver’s licence with you.
  • Keep to major routes and do not get stranded without fuel – investigate distances and plan ahead.
  • Plan rest stops along the way – do not drive when tired.
  • Ensure a friend or family member, who is not travelling with you, is aware of your route – and keep in contact.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition before departure – all lights and indicators, windscreen wipers, brakes, steering, exhaust system and tyres should be carefully examined for faults.
  • Do not overload your vehicle and always travel with a medi-pack.

Keeping your home secure and following the rules is one thing – but human beings being human are probably the scariest stuff out there. Keep an eye on what the other guy is doing. Be vigilant!

Keeping financially safe now and in the future

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