Dying Younger: Death, Disability and Dread Disease

When we’re young we are motivated by life and opportunities. We are planning ahead for careers, perhaps family and other exciting things like travel and adventure. We’re not thinking about dying. In fact, we’re rarely even thinking about growing older or having safety measures in place for old age.

But no matter your age, you should have measures in place as soon as you can to counter the unexpected that can swoop out of life and turn your plans upside-down. Dying isn’t the prerogative of the elderly – it’s part of your life from the moment you are born. And you don’t need to wait until you have children to consider the implications of your possible death or disablement due to accident or disease, you should put that concern as number one the moment you start earning money. By the time you marry and have children, you should already be well on your way to building a sound financial base for any eventuality.

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Insurance Updates: ensure peace of mind before you take that holiday

Sometimes holidays seem awfully far away – and then, in a second, they’re upon you leaving you hardly any time to really plan properly or make sure things are tidily settled before you leave home. But before you load that car or take that flight, there are some year-end essentials to proactively manage for continuity of  insurance coverage and security. There’s no price on peace of mind, so here are…

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