short-term insurance

Your money or your life? How to choose short-term insurance providers

Every life is worth taking care of. We should make every effort to bolster our protection against the unexpected through insurance. Unpredictable financial markets, natural disasters, and the irresponsible acts of others can, at any time, put us in harm’s way. So, it’s important to ensure your critical assets such as car, house and contents, and health, are covered for all eventualities at all times. Spending on short-term insurance can…

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Insurance Updates: staying ahead of the curve

In today’s modern world, protecting everything from your health to your house, your car to your watch, means carrying insurance. It is so much part of our lives that nobody questions that it must be so. However, just setting up your insurance needs across a variety of valuable areas is not enough. From the moment you have read the small print and signed those papers, you will need to make…

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